Questions Should be asked by Excel VBA Developer to their Clients


Questions Should be asked by Excel VBA Developer to their Clients before initiating the project.

We all are Learning lots of things as freelancers every day. Especially Non Technical part of the project. And you know it's the most important part of the project where we are getting to know everything before we begin.

I'm inviting you here to take part in this post. I hope this post will help each member of the group in their freelancing carrier.

General Category's Questions!

  1. What does your business actually do? (Explain in Short!)
  2. Why You want this application?
  3. What current setup you have to simplify the process?
  4. Why do you want to develop this application on Excel VBA Framework?
  5. Have you ever tried to research for the already available solutions? If Yes, then what makes you not to choose them for the process?
  6. Do you have your competitors? If Yes, then what they are using for the same process?
Application-oriented questions
  1. Do you want the application to run on how many systems? (1/2/Multiple)
  2. Do you want to keep your database in Excel or Outside of it?
  3. If you want to keep your database outside then where you exactly want to place? (In Online Servers or in your Local System. because if you want your application should run on two or more systems then we have to centralize the database so every system can synchronize equally at a time.)
  4. Do you want an application that should have a user-based login system? Like Admin will see everything and Employee will access few things of the system.
  5. Will this application have anything effective for the professional year changes?
  6. I will require information about each step of the application. because we will design a table of forms to save the information in the database. like, Username, address, etc.. etc..
  7. Which of the operating system are you using?
  8. Which of the Microsoft Office version are you using?
Choose User Interfaces for your application.
  1. Example 1
  2. Example 2
  3. Example 3
In this section, you have to link here Your earlier made templates or VBA application's user interfaces. Let the client decide what he wants. You can also show examples of others which you can design on your own.

Please make comments with your suggestions and ideas. Let all the members will gain more benefits. :)

Kamal Bharakhda


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