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VBA or Office.JS! The dialogue of dilemma.

  I have been a part of one Office.JS WhatsApp group for a long and it's not an ordinary group at all! I found a bunch of good excel professionals there but still, no conversation had happened in that group since it's been created.  I know it's too early to decide or compare the interests of people for Office Js but it's also a reality that we do not have a proper driving force that can lead us to do some learning and experiment with the Office JS framework. We learned Excel and VBA just by doing some random stuff here and there and developed interests too. Even the freshers of this phase, tending to learn VBA because it's easier to understand and write.  Python is still evolving to compete with VBA in all areas. I do not know whether people will accept Python as an interface for office automation or not! Most data scientists are learning python these days but excel is not only used for data science alone. Excel with VBA making that framework easy to build various b

ActiveObjects Turn back to me!

#excelvba #vba #excel I was in the huge misunderstanding that ActiveSheet, ActiveCell objects are created normally by the recorded Marcos and so, in the dynamic programming/automation we should avoid using that because of its ACTIVE properties. I followed that for a long but today when I was working on creating a simple customized TreeView Tool for worksheet creating out of checkboxes, I came into the situation where I have to use Application. Caller property so I can determine dynamically what object has called the central module to apply further changes. We know that CheckBoxes are the Worksheet objects or we can say that the parent object of Checkbox control is the worksheet. I further noticed that, if I have to use the same TreeView tool across multiple sheets then my code should be worksheet independent. So to achieve that dynamically, I fall back to my own discarded thoughts which are to avoid ActiveObjects. I have to use the ActiveSheet property to determine which object has cal

Consolidating Multiple Sheets into ONE New Sheet using VBA.