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Default Text for Textbox of Userform

Userform utility of VBA has always fascinated me to experiments beyond the limits. Well, I haven't touched the max yet. but for me, it's always necessary to dig new possibilities from available resources. Today I have tried very common experiments with "Textbox Tool" in Userform. I'm working on some serious Login system for the VBA Applications which will authenticate the user's credentials by matching it from the external database(Google Sheet). If it matched with the source strings, the program will allow the user to access the remaining features of the application. This Login system will be required the active internet connection. But, that is not the subject of the discussion here. We have already seen on many websites and on applications, the default text imprinted on the textboxes. Let's say, you are on the login page of any website. In the Username Box, you could see the default text like "USERNAME" or "TYPE YOUR USER ID HERE&