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Want your Excel File/Application will RUN smoothly in everywhere?

Hello Developers,  With this post, I'm going to share with you a very handy and useful trick which will help you to make you Excel or Macro Enable Excel files DISTRIBUTABLE or PORTABLE. The main issue usually excels developer faces when their highly invested spreadsheets stop working or generate of bugs in the initialization. There are lots of causes of that problem but the main issues a developer usually face a Catastrophic Run Time Error. Which occurs when you have used a function or formula in your excel sheet which doesn't support in that office version. Then what, developers nightmare starts from the same moment. He needs to go through each formula and code from the top to the bottom to find the unsupported functions. But I have the solution and I'm gonna share it with you. :) There is a website or we should call it a lifesaver website called Now, when you gonna use any formula which you have doubts whether

How to create Values as Developer?

If we talking about the development of an application then there are following things concerns the most. 1. Handy, Clean, Sober and Easy to understandable, User Input interface. which is simply known as a user interface or a front-end. 2. The Backend, which has lots of data processing procedures, functions, and formulas, which works on user inputs, should be very well written, optimized, updated and should be very well commented. 3. The Reporting or Outputs or main objective of the application should be How effectively, efficiently and quickly can be delivered without causing legging. 4. The Database structure, where the user's highly important data has been saved to connect, all the missing dots of the application. So, a developer with a good vision, will consider all the above points and design a whole software based on the same consideration. When we help the user to input the required field within their comfort it creates value. 1. When we help the user to process