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Need for a Class-based Programming in Excel VBA!

Need of a Class based Programming and Responding to Events of Dynamically added Controls Title speaks it self that I'm going explain here about Events Procedures of the Controls we are using in UserForms in Excel VBA. I always wondered to myself about, "why should I required Class Based Programming rather I can manage my every tasks through General Modules in Excel VBA? " I consistently in conversation with many experts of excel VBA who has very salient knowledge with class based programming and they always told me about we need class programming to Create the more secured, effective and manageable structure of the object based programming. Yes they are correct that's what the class programming were introduced to the world of programming. in short, I settled with above thoughts that class programming is tool for me to make my programming structure more effective! Which indirectly means If i can manage everything from the general modules and userforms modules t