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Fastest Method to Copy Filtered Data in Excel VBA

Yesterday in my post, related to 'Copy the "Filtered" Data from Sheet1 to the Sheet2' and Mr. Mehmet, asked the following thing in addition to the provided solution and here was his query "Many of Excel users are using excel as Database and they are facing huge datasets such as 500k rows and 100 columns. Could you please provide a faster way to copy and paste data such as arrays or advanced filter or anything that you would suggest us." ****SOLUTION**** Now, I think Mr. Paul Kelly has your answer with such great detail as never seen or experimented before. I would like to thank him for his effort to get such figures which are mentioned in the image attached to this post. So the basic query of my friend Mehmet is to know all about which method is Fastest of all. So Mr. Paul has conducted his own speed test to know which method is really quick in the average scenar