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4 digit PIN Style Login System

Hello Beautiful People, Here I'm giving away the most unique way to login in excel based applications as 4 digit PIN style. It's Fast and secured. And even with this post, you will receive the VBA Code to change the PIN No. by the authorized user. So, What happened yesterday, my traditional login system, which has a username and password, as usual, has become more boring. I have just completed a development of an application for billing purpose and I was testing it and I felt, I should have something more fast and furious and secured way of login system. I was thinking of for the idea and suddenly my mom came to my room and asked me for my VISA debit card and she also asked me the PIN no. of the same card. But that leaves the fantastic idea on me. I have quickly developed something very simple and sober which works exactly like what I have assumed. The user just needs to type 4 digit pin and without any control and by using of Textbox Change Event Mechanism, I