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Text Masking in Excel VBA

Hello Friends, Two days ago, I have posted one query here on Password Masking of Userform Textbox. David Miller tried to help me out but it's not happened actually. Problem: .PasswordChar property has been used to mask text to look like Password Characters just like "*********" So, it's working fine in Windows Excel but not in MAC Excel. Solution: So, I developed a code which works with Textbox1_Change events. There is some limitation too with my solution. In general, you can edit the typed password during writing but in my case user won't be able to do so. if User wants to edit the password, they have to rewrite the whole code again. My code will use the Cell A1 to store the actual password and will use it for credential matching. here is the solution: '/+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Private Sub TextBox1_Change()     Dim mystring As Variant     Dim textlen As Integer     Dim counter As Integer     Dim passlen As Integer     mystring =