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Passing Arrays to Sub Procedure

Very Very Important Tutorial for VBA Developers. "Passing Arrays to the SubRoutine" You won't be complete without using arrays in programming. Arrays are like blessings to the programmers. Like Juliet. :D So usually in the life of Excel VBA developers, we code sometimes repetitive task within a single procedure. Like creating the same excel sheet or template for their office staff or for their customers using a single data table. So what happens actually, we always Loop through a database for generating each report or template of many. so, it's a time consuming and it's even a bad way of using code VBA resource. So what arrays will do, in a first attempt, arrays will collect the whole table into it and then you can use it for the rest. but then comes if we more repetitive processes then we have to create subroutines or sub-procedures to cut down the length of the main procedure. So, now it's again necessary to pass the array to that subroutine or s