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How to start Excel VBA Programming ?

Question: Hi All! I considered myself an advanced user until I learned there was an entire world of VBA out there. So now I’m trying to teach myself. This group is an amazing resource. Thanks to all that contribute! Question: Does anyone have a specific method or process in planning an Excel project? I’m finding there’s so much you can do and I end up getting lost down rabbit holes. I decided to start with designing the visual aspect of UserForms first then figuring out how to make them work later. I’m not sure that is the best way. Hopefully, my question makes sense. Thanks for any and all feedback! =========== Answer: Let's begin with the home.. :) Before a Six month ago, I was in your place. But, I have decided to learn VBA anyhow. I'm an Engineer BUT, I was too much far from the world of programming. I started learning VBA by Recording A Macro. Yes, there are two features available in Microsoft Excel to do an automation task. I used to record macros and see how it

Enter Query in Column(A) and get the result in Column(B) by Lookup function using VBA

Question : Please, you can help me with one VBA Code which is able to extract from two columns A, B....B value. But how? If I have database în sheet 2: (col.A) 1. Jhon..... 30 years old(col. B) (col.A) 2. James..... 32 years old(col. B) (col.A) 3. Bob..... 35 years old(col. B) ............................................................. (col.A) n. John..... 39 years old(col. B) And I want în sheet 1: When I type în col.A for ex: "James", în col.B gives "32 years old".....then aleatory typed "John" în col.A and în col B give "39 years old" etc. Can you help me with that VBA Code? Thank you, Solution:  Let's first making our Database Dynamic. Sheets("date") has the data which you want to look into for your query. 1. Go to Ribbon --> Formulas --> Name Manager --> Click on button NEW 2. in New box, you are asking for new range details. 3. The name is as "Database" 4. Now, in "referes to": paste