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Sheets Navigator Tool in Excel VBA

You all have that one workbook or spreadsheet, which have definitely more than 50 sheets. Which is very boring to scroll sometimes when you want to work with any random sheets more often. There are many ways we can perform navigation through sheets. We can create the shapes to navigate there but hardly, we can only do that for a few sheets. Not for every sheet. So, here I'm coming with a permanent and handsome solution. My Sheet Navigator How it looks? How it Works? it's just initiated with pressing "Ctrl+k" (I have selected "k" as a shortcut key.) Select the Sheet you want to navigate to, and double-click it. Navigator takes you to that sheet and userform will be closed automatically. Isn't easy? Let's develop this Awesome Tool.  Step 1: Goto the Developer Tab and click on the Record Macro. You will be asked to name the new macro which you gonna record. Now, don't require to name this macro but if you want then d