Need for a Class-based Programming in Excel VBA!

Need of a Class based Programming and Responding to Events of Dynamically added Controls

Title speaks it self that I'm going explain here about Events Procedures of the Controls we are using in UserForms in Excel VBA.

I always wondered to myself about, "why should I required Class Based Programming rather I can manage my every tasks through General Modules in Excel VBA? "

I consistently in conversation with many experts of excel VBA who has very salient knowledge with class based programming and they always told me about we need class programming to Create the more secured, effective and manageable structure of the object based programming. Yes they are correct that's what the class programming were introduced to the world of programming.

in short, I settled with above thoughts that class programming is tool for me to make my programming structure more effective! Which indirectly means If i can manage everything from the general modules and userforms modules then I wouldn't have been in collaboration with class programming ever. So I didn't paid any attention towards class based programming so far.

But the day come when I have changed my perception regarding class programming. It wasn't simply optional part of programming but it's a necessary part of programming when you are building the solutions at certain level.

Ohh, How? You guys pretty much know about my experiments with userforms. I used to create effective user interfaces with userforms since the day I have been introduced to the userforms of Excel VBA.

As time passed I kept observing modern day application which has very nice looking interfaces and controls like menu bars and etc. But those controls were not available in the common resources of excel VBA libraries. So I have challenged myself to create those tools or controls for userforms in excel to build smart looking solutions. I have build one Menu Bar based Tool for my applications and here is the link of that:

But I found one major problem when I was developing above control where I have to add controls dynamically on the userforms. And I found there My Events of the Control which were added dynamically during run time on the userforms were not responding or not working!

So to get the rid of this issues I researched a bit and Found that the Events and methods to the dynamically added controls were not worked directly from the userform's modules.

We have to define class and with Events variables in the class so those dynamically added controls will keep reacting on the sequential events triggers.

So that's how I learned Class programming is very necessary at dynamic programming.

Here is the article where the author has solve this issue and you can refer that! Comment for more queries and ideas.


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